Solar Cooking Camp

Many people enjoy camping in the summertime. We make cozy little homes away from home with our tents and sleeping bags, or deluxe ones with camper or motor home. But in the backs of our minds—or perhaps more towards the front, when a root digs into our back in the middle of the night or rain starts just at campfire time—there is always that permanent home to go back to.

For other people, made homeless by strife or natural or economic disasters, a tent is not a vacation experience but a harsh, full-time reality. When you have no home to return to or your homeland is not safe, the word “camp” assumes an entirely different meaning. Trapped by circumstances, refugees and displaced people are often crowded into the worst of wastelands, places no one wants very much because the land is so desolate and devoid of resources.

Solar cooking and water heating can be helpful in any sort of camp setting, but in camps for refugees and displaced people, solar cookers can help save lives and misery. With ongoing support from friends like you, we at Solar Cookers International can continue our work to increase recognition for and access to simple solar thermal cooking and related “integrated” technologies, at the U.N., through the Wiki of the Solar Cookers World Network, and in various partnerships and networks around the world. Please give if you can. Together we can make a real difference, in people’s lives and in the sky we all share.

Map of Locations for potential area's for solar cooking

Map of area’s great for solar cooking

Solar Cooking Camp

About Hawaii Solar Chef

My mission is to bring about awareness to the community how they can cook healthier meals by using a solar oven. In addition to using a solar oven, they will be able to save money on their energy bills. With this savings, they will be able to buy more food for their family and some to share . Also, I have set up a page for donation for the " Villager Sun Oven" for Hawaii. I encourage others to start their own fundraiser to buy one of these units for their community center, so that in an emergency, they can feed their community and sterilize their water and medical instruments too.
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