How Solar Ovens Work

How Do Solar Ovens Work?
Most solar ovens work on simple principles. Sunlight is then converted into heat energy that is then converted into cooking energy. Think of sunlight as a fuel. Sunlight does have energy and that energy is harnessed into an energy that is used for cooking food.
A solar cooker will need an outdoor place that will be sunny for a few hours.  It all depends on what you are cooking in the oven.  For each pound of meat that you cook, you want to allow 45 minutes for it to cook

If it is windy, all you need to do, is keep the level bar down and reposition the oven every 45 minutes toward the sun. The sun oven has tempered glass with stainless steel locks, so you do not need to worry about any critters getting into your dinner.


About Hawaii Solar Chef

My mission is to bring about awareness to the community how they can cook healthier meals by using a solar oven. In addition to using a solar oven, they will be able to save money on their energy bills. With this savings, they will be able to buy more food for their family and some to share . Also, I have set up a page for donation for the " Villager Sun Oven" for Hawaii. I encourage others to start their own fundraiser to buy one of these units for their community center, so that in an emergency, they can feed their community and sterilize their water and medical instruments too.
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