Internal Temperatures for Meat Safety

Raw Food Internal Temperatures

Ground Products
Hamburger                                160 degrees
Beef, veal, lamb, pork           160
Chicken, turkey                       165

Beef, Veal, Lamb
Roast and Steaks
Medium-rare                           145 degrees
Medium                                     160
Well-done                                170

Chops, roast, ribs
Medium                                    160 degrees
Well-done                               170
Ham, fresh                              160
Sausage, fresh                       160

Chicken                                  180 degrees
Duck                                        180
Turkey un-stuffed             180
Whole                                     180
Breast                                     170
Dark meat                            180
Stuffing  seperately 165

Fried, poached                       Yolk & white are firm
Casseroles                            160 degrees
Sauces, custards               160

About Hawaii Solar Chef

My mission is to bring about awareness to the community how they can cook healthier meals by using a solar oven. In addition to using a solar oven, they will be able to save money on their energy bills. With this savings, they will be able to buy more food for their family and some to share . Also, I have set up a page for donation for the " Villager Sun Oven" for Hawaii. I encourage others to start their own fundraiser to buy one of these units for their community center, so that in an emergency, they can feed their community and sterilize their water and medical instruments too.
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