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 Cooking with solar allows you to cook without having to hover over the stove and your home doesn’t heat up during the summer months.

 On my site, you will find all the information you will need, to start your journey, into learning how to use free energy, to cook healthier meals for everyone.  Enjoy exploring the art of cooking with solar energy.  

Watch the video for more information on how to cook with solar ovens.  

Global Sun Ovens Demonstration by: Paul Munsen

Be sure to watch all the video’s 1-8, this will clarify any questions you may have about solar cooking

You can use any recipe that you would use in your crock pot.  

It is so wonderful to able to prepare a meal in the solar oven, then leave  and do whatever  you need to do, then come back home to a warm, tasty, dinner  ready to serve with a side salad.

Pork Roast

 I really enjoy the freedom that the solar oven  offers  me by not having to stir the dish while it’s cooking.

People all over the world are learning how to cook with solar ovens and other DIY model solar cookers  made from recycled material resources.

 Group support makes it really fun learning more about how to cook with solar energy, by share ideas and recipes.  

Come join in on the fun and have fun sharing your passions about learning how to cook with solar.

Follow these cooking temperatures when you use your solar oven or any other cooking appliance. or when cooking outdoors.  This will keep you from getting food poison.

Temperature index for solar oven

Safe Temperatures


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