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Discover how you too can cook with free fuel

Community Solar Potluck-

 After cooking with the solar oven, I decided to bring awareness to the community about the benefits of cooking with solar ovens.

What inspired me to learn how to cook with a solar oven, was after  I viewed a YouTube video of a “Solar Oven Potluck” party in California.  I thought,  how fun  that would be to organize our own “Solar Potluck” gathering here in Hawaii. This would  give us an opportunity  meet  others and view  the different types of solar ovens  that others are using.

Most import it will help us all to cook healthier food and save us  all money on our family fuel cost and keep our homes cooler in the summer.  

Just like with anything new it takes time and patience to learn what works and what doesn’t.

 It will also bring  about awareness to our communities, that we do have, an alternate way of cooking,  other than with electricity, wood, charcoal, propane.  We can all be using the sun’s energy to heat and cook our foods. 

If you would like to schedule a demonstration at your church or local community center, please contact me to arrange a date and time for everyone to learn how to cook with solar ovens.  

 After more people learn how to use solar ovens, we can bring more awareness, by teaching others that we know in our community schools, churches and community centers around the islands.  

Watch for the demonstration locations on Twitter and come join in on the fun of learning how to cook with solar ovens.

After, more people began to build or purchase, their own oven, We can organize a “Solar Oven Potluck Party.” in 2012, so that we all can meet and share our experiences and recipes.

Using a solar oven also  has no impact on our environment or our health. When we  cooks with wood, charcoal, the smoke has a bad impact on our respiratory health and our environment.

 If we all  begin to use solar ovens, we will all have better health and our environment will also benefit.

This will be a fun event for everyone to enjoy good food, music, and good company.

See you at the Solar Potluck!

Enjoy discovering Solar Ovens


If you can imagine it, you can do it!

Solar cooking is fun, so use your imagination and create your favorite dish, using free energy..

Go for it..

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